Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
This page provides frequently asked questions and answers to them.

Is Soldier completely free?

Yes, It is completely free.

How can I add the bot to my server?

You can invite the bot to your server using this invitation link.

How can I add the bot to my group?

You can send a request in our Support Server and wait patiently for our team to add the bot into your group.

I have enabled the ranking request system, but when I use the ranking command the bot doesn't reply back!

Apparently, You have two ranks or more in your group that have the same id. If you want to know more about what the ranks are, Please join our support server and open a ticket and we would be more than glad to assist you.

How can I join the support server?

Your can join our Support Server by using this link.

Is Soldier hosted 24/7?

Yes, Soldier is hosted 24/7, if Soldier ever goes down, it is most likely because it's being updated or is under heavy maintenance.
Last modified 9mo ago